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Tropical Leaves

Life of Harmony in the Lap of Nature.

Luxury living spaces in nature’s backyard. Rediscover yourself in the heartbeat

and glory of nature through harmony, sustainability and forward-thinking.

Adding growth and wider vision to your future.

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About Villaggio

Villaggio is a 175-acre meticulously planned farmland, offering an almost transcendental experience. It is the ideal getaway home;

away from home.


The ambience is built to ensure you and your loved ones take a breather from all things mundane and experience the good life. Make memories here, share a laugh, enjoy the premium amenities on offer, and live the life you’ve always dreamt of. This nature-friendly retreat is home to meticulously cultivated flora and fauna successfully pursued sustainability,

and a self-sufficient ecosystem.


Come create your own dream destination, closer than ever, at Villaggio.



Spread across a massive 175 acres of property, the sheer size of each farmland at Villaggio ensures ample space for the select few. Exclusivity opens up more space, leaving greater opportunities for natural landscaping. Explore various nature trails all around the farmland by heading out of your quaint abode surrounded by aesthetically planted trees.



Each farmland is 33 Guntas (i.e., ~4,000 square yards,) extendable by a multiple of the same number (up to a maximum of 20,000 square yards). The sheer size of each farmland makes
Villaggio a premium offering.

We also have on offer limited smaller units of 17 Guntas. (i.e., ~2,000 square yards approx.)



The landscape is punctuated with 9 years’ worth of meticulously cultivated flora and fauna, with fruit-bearing plantations of 5 types of mango, lime, sweet lime, guava and orange. The plantation is well sprinkled through continuous drip irrigation and a water management system. 


The orchards & farmland project are maintained by experts who overlook its continuous development. They use their expertise to make managing the orchards not only hassle-free but even more productive. The genetic diversity of these orchards provides greater resilience to pests and diseases.

Shadow on Concrete Wall


There's a lot more to Villaggio®, connect with us to know more.

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