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Our aim is to offer you a seamless experience of buying a home, from identifying a property to moving in. We exist to connect people back with Nature. All our homes are designed to have plenty of natural light and air and are sustainably designed – each of which showcase beautiful design, quality construction and luxury. A home is a warm place that gives us comfort, hope and strength, we are driven by the tenets of turning houses into homes. We offer connoisseurs of unique lifestyle experiences bespoke experiences in stunning locations like Goa and Hyderabad.


A motely crew of individuals with passion for sustainability and environment-friendly design in real estate, all our actions from scouring suitable sites to the tiniest details in the building, are guided by our philosophy of harmony with nature. The team at Villaggio has spent countless hours honing their craft and providing housing and commercial space solutions to discerning customers like you. With a combined experience of over 150 years between us, we are pleasantly placed to understanding your needs and developing biophilic spaces. At Villaggio, you are at the heart of every solution, always. We bring our combined experiences and hard-earned reputation for quality to every project we undertake. Our commitment to understand clients and exceed their expectations, unrivalled experience, and impeccable ethics are the cornerstone of our developments.



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An industry veteran with over 26+ years of experience in real estate advisory and investment business. He has founded and helmed multiple organisations in the real estate space. Shailender commands respect from peers and clients alike, his recommendations, vision, and foresight are unmatched in the real estate solutions sector. His strategic leadership and his excellent negotiation skills have seen millions of square feet delivered to Investors, MNCs and top-tier clients. A pioneer in the provision of integrated real estate services his hands-on, ears-to-the-ground approach is tailored to satisfy each of our client’s needs at Villaggio.

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A dynamic serial entrepreneur with 18+ years of experiencein the real estate industry. He believes in blending old school wisdom with new-age temperament driven by technology. A marketing maven, Shivender through his thought leadership and unwavering penchant for setting high quality standards drives Villaggio’s vision of sustainable development. Shivender brings strategic thinking and creativity together, delivering superior luxury homes in harmony with nature.


After spending 20+ years in the IT sector working with HP and Wipro (Director Sales), Gangadhar decided to move back from Europe and pursue his passion by venturing full-time into the real-estate sector. He truly believes in a customer-centric approach, with total emphasis on accommodating the wishes and requirements, bringing customer’s projects to life. His vision for delivering high-quality real estate developments is unparalleled and is driven by set of core values.

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Ajay brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, with over 25 years of professional experience on his stellar resume. After 7 year stints with ICICI Bank and real estate firms in Bengaluru, he turned entrepreneur starting a successful chain of fine dining restaurants and bars. He brings a passionate view of life to his mission of delivering ultra luxury real estate development projects on time.

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The visionary who heads SARK Projects, a real estate development company offering contemporary living spaces with transparency and trust at its core. He is passionate about blazing new trails having walked many untrodden paths in his 25 years in the industry. He has a proven track record in architecting and bringing dream projects to life. With Sarin at the helm, Sark Projects has a stellar record in delighting customers with top-notch real estate developments. His uncompromising ethos and attention to detail come to the fore at every stage, from site selection to handover.

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Played a pivotal role in the past 25 years in delivering real estate projects totalling 2 million Sq. Ft & 1000 acres of plotting to happy customers in Hyderabad and Goa. He has done this in a plethora of different capacities, leaving his fingerprints as an LIC development officer, entrepreneur, deal maker and partnership builder. Srinivas’s zeal for life rubs off on everyone in the team, his guiding spirit adds tremendous value to customers and their choices.

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Driven by her lifelong passion, she gave up on a successful banking career (she was the VP of IT services at HSBC), to start her own firm providing interior design/Turnkey solutions and project Management in 2007 . Since then, her company has gone on to complete over 75 projects totalling to 4 lakh sq.ft., with projects ranging from luxury villas to high-end restaurants.


The Brand Name

Stemming from the Italian word for village, Villaggio represents the rustic charm of the old-world with a splurge of modern luxuries. Our commitment to creating sustainable living spaces is strengthened by this connection to nature.



of Growth

Leaves represent growth across cultures, they are a sign of freshness, vitality, prosperity, and renewed spirits. Their journey from shoots, buds, into fully bloomed leaves is a constant reminder of the circle of life. Green leaves also remind us of our connection with nature and are a symbol of sustainable growth.


The Dear


Speed, agility, and grace are representative of the Deer. Their lithe but sturdy bodies are a reminder of strength and superiority. The deer is a symbol for instincts and intuition. This graceful animal is worshiped in many cultures including India. They are often regarded as a good omen.


Earth Our

Beautiful Planet

Terra firma keeps us grounded, rooted in the old ways and looking up at the stars to forge a new path ahead. Our mother earth is a boon bestowed upon us and we must act as its guardians. This stewardship of land and all its natural beauty is symbolized by the ground beneath the deer’s feet. Our resolve to provide sustainable living spaces is once again reaffirmed with this device in our logo.


Deer Antlers

A regal symbol denoting pride and spiritual superiority. They point upwards towards the heavens guiding us to look up and keep our spirits high. The antlers rest on the deer’s body like a crown, suggesting a royal elegance.


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